27th KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2012: Ten Tribes. One Vibe

Official Kadayawan 2012 Logo

Great celebration we have here in Davao City.  Celebration of a bountiful harvest and abundant blessings. It honors Davao's pride of artistic, cultural and historical heritage.  This is a celebration of the three(3) aspects of our tribes: INDUSTRIAL, ARTS and ENTERTAINMENT.  

August 18.  INDAK INDAK SA KADALANAN(Street Dancing)

Showcasing Cultural Dances from different tribes not only here in Davao Region but also in Mindanao. There are 20 contingents competing for this year.  

Last Friday our City Mayor Inday Sara announced that the Davao-LGU increased the prizes for this year's INDAK INDAK SA KADALANAN.

  • GRAND CHAMPION - PHp500,000 from 300,000
  • 2nd PLACER     - PHp400,000 from 200,000
  • 3rd PLACER     - PHp300,000 from 150,000
  • 4th PLACER     - PHp200,000 from 100,000
  • 5th PLACER     - PHp100,000 from  50,000
  • GRAND CHAMPION - PHp500,000 from 150,000
  • 2nd PLACER     - PHp400,000 from 100,000
  • 3rd PLACER     - PHp300,000 from  75,000
  • 4th PLACER     - PHp100,000 from  50,000
  • 5th PLACER     - PHp 75,000 from  25,000
  • 10 CONSOLATION PRIZES will be given out to those participating teams who fail to bag major awards.
And each contingent will also get PHp30,000 subsidy from DUAW DABAW FOUNDATION.

Six bleachers were made for first come first serve basis, free to seat into and are available for general public as the court side and the lower part of the bleacher area has been reserved for guests of the City Mayor.

But sad to say as we arrive there all seats have been taken.

Nevertheless, we still enjoy the show without our seats.  We walk from CM RECTO(Claveria)to Rizal Park, San Pedro St., Davao City.

Me and One of the 1st Participants from OPEN-CATEGORY
It is a fun day for us, the weather is cooperating. Hope tomorrow  he will still cooperate with us to the end of our festival.

By the way tomorrow, August 19, will be our PAMULAK SA KADAYAWAN or the FLORAL FLOAT PARADE.  It has 23 entries; six floats for the LARGE CATEGORY, 12 entries for the SMALL CATEGORY, and 5 non-motorized floats.  The floats has its own centralized parking area located at ROXAS BLVD., which allow the public to see it closer.  

And for the tourists who wanted to joined the parade, the organizer DUAW DABAW designate a special float which could accommodate 40 tourists, dubbed as "RIDE THE VIBE".  If you want to avail, please register at DUAW DABAW OFFICE located at WHEEL'S and MORE Strip beside LYNDON'S WORST RIBS RESTO.   


  1. wow bilis ng post:) Sayang hindi ako natuloy last saturday:( naalala ko sa cebu every month may festival dun at talagang pinupuntahan ko lalo na yung pinaka grandest dun na Sinulog. I luv walking in the street joining the crowd of people and colorful costumes that depicts our faith and rich culture!
    I am now following ur blog thru GFC ty

  2. I've heard so many good things about Davao, hopefully I can visit this place and hopefully that will be on an August, in time for the Kadayawan...

  3. It's really nice witnessing the Kadayawan Festival since it does have a very festive atmosphere and at the same time very much historically rich.

  4. I love Philippine festivals. Hopefully one day I can be in Davao to witness and participate in the Kadayawan Festival.

  5. the prizes are so big! O_O
    i honestly, i haven't witnessed the kadayawan festival yet but i'd be wanting to see different philippine festivals because i've only seen the sinulog.

  6. congrats to the winners... kadayawan was a success, kudos to the organizers. Yahweh bless.

  7. Mas naenjoy ko ang Kadayawan this year than last year. Kudos to our local government plus the private sectors for promoting kadayawan. Woot!

  8. Congratulations to the city of Davao for having this. I still have to see this festival yet and I hope it would be sooner :)

  9. Davao seems to be a very interesting place to visit. I hope someday me and my family could go to Davao and enjoy the festival.

  10. I wasn't able to experience the Philippines' King of Festivals :( I was able to experience the Queen though. See you next year Davao!

  11. This is one of the things that I really miss from the Philippines.Good is, there are posts that i always read from the Blogger lang(pahiram Tito Sen.).It keeps me updated with what is going on back home.

  12. I always miss to watch indak-indak every year dahil may work ako Saturdays =( anyway, glad the celebration/festival was again successful.

  13. I love festivals. Sarap nyan, especially un food sa mga bahay bahay...hihihi

    1. Correct Ma'am Rizza. Super daming food.

  14. I feel bad about missing Indak2x..again, this year. WTH, and I'm from Davao. :(

  15. A very nice and colorful festival. Love it.

  16. WOW!!! I'm sure talagang pinagbutihan nung mga participants yung contest. 500K would definitely help them a lot.