Mini Meet Up With Filipino Bloggers Worldwide Davao Chapter

I haven't attended the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide First Ever Grand Eye Ball held at the Mega Trade Hall 2 last December 2 of 2012 because I live far away from the said location.

This event happened because of the collaboration of FBW ADMINS with the EX-LINK Events Head COO Sir Orly Ballesteros and many others.

When Sir Orly privately message me on my Facebook account that he wanted to see all FBW Davao Members when he's coming back again here in Davao for MICECON 2013, I am so excited reading his message, a day to look forward to I said.  

Coming from a man with GREAT MIND and GREAT IDEAS as I describe Sir Orly, this will be a meet up with a healthy sense of talk.   Great interaction and communication, sharing of good things happened inside and outside the group and most of all talking like everything under the sun.

Getting ready for the meet up,6:30PM.  SM Lanang,Sky Garden.

First, Jonas and I meet together near TOY KINGDOM, then followed by LOVE MINDANAO (first time to meet him also)and here comes Sir Orly.  Welcoming Love Mindanao and sir Orly with shaking of hands and beso-beso(means kiss on the cheek or cheek-to-cheek) as well.  Then we proceed to our dinner place, GILIGAN'S RESTAURANT.

Photo credit to Sir Orly
Glen Santillan , Claire Rafols, Joey Sky and Jeffrey Rilles are  supposed to be seen in this meet up but apparently they can't join us.  An impromptu meet up indeed!  hahahahaha...

We transfer at BLUGRE fronting GILIGAN'S for our dessert indulgence.

Photo credit to Sir Orly

Well anyway, it was a great night meeting Jonas(hmmm an old friend already,hehehehehe), Love Mindanao and Sir Orly Ballesteros. All are excellent wonderful people.

Fun interaction.  Cool Mind.  Great eating thanks so much Sir Orly for a great treat! Can't wait for the next visit.

The night is not yet over, I happened to meet with some of Davao Bloggers, Tere R-n and Natalie Jill Lim. Jonas introduced me to them and we had some great talks not knowing that it is already 10:30PM and BLUGRE is going to close.  Thanks so much for the friendship girls.

Photo credit to Jonas