Friends Of A Feather Blog Together

Davao Bloggers Society founded by different young professionals from Davao who happened to have a common interest in BLOGGING.

Photo credit to RIA JOSE

Started as a small group of bloggers wish to contribute and gather information more about the developments about Davao or in the Davao Region.  And as the group expands many group categories emerges, the likes of:

  1. Davao Mommy Bloggers
  2. Davao Lady Bloggers
  3. Davao Fashion Bloggers
  4. Davao Traveler Bloggers
  5. Davao Food Bloggers
  6. and many more.....
May 3, a gathering of bloggers happened at SM LANANG PREMIER held at KRISPY KREME.(story here)

Great to see bloggers from Davao attended the event.

Blogging in Davao becomes the interactive form of news and information from various sources that publish information and posted automatically on the web.  And allow viewers and readers to make comments on the post.

Photo credit to I AM THE COFFEE CHIC

The group goal is not only to promote, organize, initiate more about DAVAO but also to forge alliances to other blogging communities.

For those aspiring Davao Bloggers who wish to be part of this community you can REGISTER HERE.   


  1. oh wow... we also actually have a group of bloggers here in my city. We are the Cordillera Bloggers. It's nice to know that communities like us are becoming more bigger. :) Maybe we can talk sometime. :) you can add me on Google Plus. Search for Samantha Justine Zamora.

    Followed you via GFC, hope you follow back as well.

    1. Hello sis. Thanks so much. Added you both via GFC and G+ Follow. You can visit my other site, it's my own domain site that I usually use. and Thanks again.