Ever Bilena Cosmetics' Gandang Pinay Bridal Make up Contest!

July 23, 2011 - Saturday.   I've been really busy.  This is usually my slowest time of the year, but I've had some projects that have been running me non-stop for a couple of months.  Excite for the contest?  Yes I am.   Preparing for my Bridal Gown Make Up Competition.   Bridal Shoes and accessories have to be on the list.  But prior to that my mom already made my hair done  for the contest.  My mom whose a retired hairstylist.  She called my hair a Petal hairstyle.

1: 00 PM.  Ever Bilena Cosmetics' Gandang Pinay Bridal Make Up Demonstration

2: 00 PM.  Ever Bilena Cosmetics' Gandang Pinay Bridal Make Up Contest.  

     The long wait is over.  After a long process of putting makeup on my face we have to face the final verdict. 

Waiting for our number to be called. 

Out of 100+ Competing partners we are IN for the 15 Finalists.  It was a good experience for us both, me and Evalyn my Make-up Artist,  though we are all amateur for this kind of competition. 


  1. I wish they had contests like this where I live so I could gather some ideas for my wedding! Wedding Make Up in Melbourne is pretty tame compared to some of the other modern styles, and I want to break that trend! I hope I find something unique!

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